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Testimonials for Shoulder Pain/ Frozen Shoulder/ Rotator Cuff

Frozen Shoulder

Yolanda Hall, Pueblo

I have had the awful condition of frozen shoulder for about one and a half year. I felt like I'd be ruined by it, my nights were awful for about 4 months. I was in agony. Three cortisone shots did nothing at all. I was given 4 mg tablets of methylprednisolone (a steroid) and it worked like a miracle but it was temporary, and not possible to use for very long. I continued with physical therapy for over a year. I gained some range of motion back, but still had increased pain with use and very uncomfortable sleep from the deep, throbbing aches in my shoulder and arm. Sudden jerks cause excruciating pain. If I move suddenly or my shoulder is jarred in any way the pain nearly brings me to my knees. An episode of this pain is so exhausting.

This condition is terrible and my heart goes out to you if you're experiencing this but don't give up hope. Acupuncture can help you! I am convinced that Dr. Jena can help you get rid of it. She got rid of mine in just about 8 weeks!

Frozen Shoulder

Patricia Smith, Colorado Springs

For my frozen shoulder, I had six months of physical therapy (twice a week) with large doses of ibuprofen and one Cortisone shot prior to surgery, followed by six more months of PT (twice a week). The doctor did surgery to remove the calcification causing tendonitis. My PT had me icing and doing my exercises 3 to 4 times a day at home. After a year following surgery I still have pain, stiffness and weakness in my shoulder and arm, numbness and tingling in my fingers. With very limited range of motion. When I use my shoulder and arm a little, they will swell up and the stabbing pain will keep me from sleep all night long. It was so hard for me to do simple things like wash or do my hair, dress on or off clothes...

My friend brought me to Chinese Acupuncture Clinic. My pain, numbness and tingling were gone with the first 6 Acupuncture visits. My range of motion gained back slowly with additional 6 visits in 6 weeks.

Frozen Shoulder

Shannon Fitz, Colorado Springs

I have suffered frozen shoulder after receiving a tetanus shot back in October. The tetanus shot typically causes some minor localized pain but this was different. The pain increased by the week as my range of motion (ROM) slowly decreased. I had sharp jabbing pains in my arm and shoulder each morning as I get out of bed. Throughout the day I will feel stabbing pains when I use my left arm. Some of these pains will take my breath away. I do not have any health insurance so surgery was not an option for me. A friend of mine suggested me to try Acupuncture by her Acupuncturist.

Four Acupuncture treatments was all it needed to stop my arm and shoulder pain for over three months and give me 100% full range of motion back.

Frozen Shoulder

Judy Nash, Canyon City

I was 47 when I got my first frozen shoulder. I had always been physically fit and healthy and had just started my own business. I spent about 8 hours lifting and moving things around. Within days my super-woman shoulder wasn't feeling so super any longer and eventually, I learned I had frozen shoulder. It took a year to get better with about 85-90% of prior range of movement. I did physical therapy three times a week for 3 months, then twice a week for four months, and then continued exercises three to four times per day at home. Now, 4 years later, I have it again on the same shoulder. I had been getting some boxes down off garage shelves and doing overhead lifting for a few days. I'm into my 6th month and it feels more painful than the first one, but with no insurance, I will have to rely on exercises I did the first time and wait for it to heal on its own. For the last three months, it's getting worse and worse, I can barely get any sleep. Because the stabbing pain will wake me up about every hour every night. I am very limited with my range of motions. Everything is difficult, washing my hair, getting dressed, putting my seatbelt on, and especially walking my dog.

My neighbor told me that over 15 months frozen shoulder pain day and night of hers was cured within six weeks by her Acupuncturist. I am not a big fan of needles. But at that time, I will go for anything that can help my frozen shoulder.

I slept through the two nights soundly after my first Acupuncture session! And after three Acupuncture sessions for the first week, about 80% of my pain was gone. And I gained back my range of motions for about 60-70%. After total ten Acupuncture sessions my shoulder is pain free. I have full range of motion in my shoulder. I feel my arm and hand are ever stronger than before. I am back to enjoy life again! I swim twice a week. I can do everything I need and like to do every day. And enjoy my good sleep every night.

Bursitis in Right Shoulder

Andrea Peterson, Colorado Springs

I have had recurrent bursitis in right shoulder for nearly 20 years. It always occurs when I overwork the joint (particularly with repetitive movements and some foods can help trigger an episode (dairy, wheat, yeast and red meats). Cold weather can also be a factor, though damp isn't. The initial pain is severe in the joint, and sometimes I have a general inflammatory illness for a few days (like the flu). The chronic pain often interrupted my sleep and made me feel exhausted.

I have tried all the things possible with little or no relief. Finally, I came to Chinese Acupuncture Clinic. After 12 visits , my pain, stiffness and occasional swell are all gone. Itís over six months since my last Acupuncture visit, I am pain free from my right shoulder. I enjoy my soundly sleep every night and feel full of energy every day.

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