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Testimonials for Nerv Pain

Acupuncture ‘cured’ my nerve pain

Shannon Miles Pueblo

I didn’t believe in Acupuncture until two years ago. I had suffered with gradually worsening nerve pain in my feet for almost 20 years. I couldn’t walk in a mall or around the park. Various doctors prescribed pain meds which didn’t work or left me incapacitated.

My neighbor told me that her severe Neuropathy was almost gone after some Acupuncture sessions. I felt I had nothing to lose, so next day I made an appointment with her Acupuncturist Dr. Jena. The next day after my first treatment, I felt my legs are lighter when I walk. After only four treatments spaced about one week apart I noticed an improvement. By the end of twelve treatments, I could walk miles without pain.

I was very curious to see if the needle insertion would be painful since I hated needles. But I quickly discovered that hardly anything more than tiny pinch when the ultra- thin and more slender than a human hair is inserted. Most of the time I know that nothing at all is felt upon needle insertion.

Acupuncture ‘cured’ my nerve pain. And also, I slept better and felt more energy during and a long while after I was receiving Acupuncture treatments.

*Individual results may vary.

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