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Testimonials for Hip Pain/ Bursitis in Hip joints

Bursitis in Both Hips

Marta Ashton, Castle Rock, CO

I have had chronic bursitis in both hips for over 5 years. I didnít treated it on time when it first started. So it became chronic. I was given pain medications and suggested for cortisone shots by doctors. I had received three cortisone shots in the first year, each time with some relief temporally. But it caused me swell (water retention) in the whole body. So I choose to not continue. It hurt so badly when I sit at my desk every day. The stabbing pain kept me from sleep most nights. When I stand, my hips and buttocks swell, and when I walk I could not lift my feet. I do not wish this pain on my worst enemy.

It is Acupuncture brought my normal life back again. With 10 Acupuncture visits, I was able to sleep most nights and walk pain free most time. Some pain still when I was under stress or sit for too long. Additional 10 Acupuncture visits took all the rest discomfort away. Now I hike or swim 2-3 times per week as Dr. Jena (Na Zhai) suggested to keep my joints mobile.

Right Hip Bursitis

Richard Honbacker, Colorado Springs

I have been getting shots every 3 to 4 months in my right hip for eight years. I cannot walk far and the pain is unreal. The bursitis started when I began riding my bike, after 4 years not doing anything. My right leg went numb, felt like a wooden leg. I went to physical therapy and they pulled and rubbed my leg. I got feeling back but also acute pain. Impossible to exercise or walk far.

I was given pain medicine. And with time, the cortisone shots started to caused me to swell and my blood sugar to raise up. I had 7lbs of water in 1 week. I was told if I did not take 3 cortisone shots I cannot walk or exercise. I still rejected it. My friend sugessted me to try Acupuncture. It took me a while to get better with all the problems I had. But after 6 months Acupuncture treatments, my bursitis was gone. today I can excercise normally and walk as far as I want. Thanks to Acupuncture!

Right Hip Bursitis and Sciatic Pain

Amy Johnson, Colorado Springs

I've been suffering from bursitis in my right hip and sciatic pain from the right side of lower back down to the buttock and the whole right leg for years. I love to go on long walks. By the time I get home I'm limping and in agony. Someone described the feeling as "on fire" which is right on. I've tried ice packs, Tylenol, physical therapy and those don't work. Previously, I took OxyContin and Percocet, which I weaned myself off of a couple years ago. I often only can get a few hours of interrupted sleep because of the pain. I felt exhausted most days.

I sympathize with all of you who have this ailment. No one can understand the constant pain, struggle to walk, or the inability to get comfortable in bed. My heart goes out to you. Please try Acupuncture at the Chinse Acupuncture Clinic. After about two months with Acupuncture treatments, most of my pain was gone. And I gained my sleep, strength and mobility back. Now I can go on walks as long as I want without any issues.

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