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Testimonials for Neuropathy

Diabetes Neuropathy

Carol F. Pueblo

I have diabetic neuropathy for many years. I have tried all kinds of medications and therapies throughout the years without result. In fact , it just keep getting worse and worse. I have numbness and pain, constant feeling of " pins and needles" causing me to lose balance. It was hard to walk when I cannot feel my feet . I felt older than my real age because I have to walk so carefully to avoid falling over. The pain and discomfort in my feet , lower legs and even up to my upper legs often make me difficult to sleep.

When my doctor suggested me try Acupuncture at for my diabetic neuropathy I was skeptical at first. However, once my peripheral neuropathy started moving further up my legs, I made an appointment with Chinese Acupuncture Clinic.

After the first Acupuncture treatment from Dr. Zhai , I called my sister in tears to tell her that I could feel my feet again. My peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes had kept me from having any sensation in my feet and ankles for so long that it truly felt like a miracle to me.

After my second treatment , I regained even more feeling in my feet and lower legs. After the Eighth treatment, I no longer dreaded having to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and my balance was greatly improved. Instead of hobbling around like an lid lady, I no longer worries about losing my balance when I was at home alone or being embarrassed in public. When I wake up in the morning, I can get right out of bed without having to worry about not being able to feel my feet. Several of my friends even ask me, what did I do making me looking younger .

It has been over five months since my first Acupuncture treatment. I still see Dr. Zhai, but these days I only needs to have acupuncture to treat my diabetic neuropathy for maintenance on an as needed basis. When I started to feel that once familiar sensation of pins and needles, I know it is time to see Dr. Zhai for Acupuncture treatment again. Usually about every three to four weeks.

I have to admit that I often have a hard time to discipline myself as a diabetic patient. I get little if any exercise and my diet is mostly poor. Even so, with the Acupuncture treatments from Dr. Zhai during the last five months, I was able to reduce my diabetic medications from 4 to 2 and hypertension medications from 3 to 1, still keep my blood sugar and blood pressure in the level that my doctor is very pleased and myself feel better than ever.

*Individual results may vary.

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