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Testimonials for Knee Pain

The Dance Teacher With Arthritic Knees

Kim D. Colorado Springs

I am a dance instructor. I had extreme pain in my knees every day. I was not able to bend them even slightly without a lot of pain. I love to dance and had even been advised to have surgery for knee replacement, just to be able to continue walking.

I have received seven Acupuncture treatments over a time period of 23 days. My knees slowly and steadily returned from a severe arthritic condition to normal appearance and use. All pain and stiffness and swelling were eliminated. I am now happily back on the dance floor again.

When my friends told me that she had knee arthritis for many years and was cured by Dr. Zhai at the Chinese Acupuncture Clinic. I was not convinced of much benefit from Acupuncture, but this was my last hope before I was to give up my career. The fact that I can still dance as well as before my knee problems surfaced, demonstrates the effectiveness of this powerful therapy.

Knee Injury by Surfing

Steve K. Colorado Springs

I sustained an injury to my left knee. This injury was similar to one I had to my right knee several years ago. The injury to that knee had not responded to the acupuncture treatments of my previous acupuncturist and I resorted to surgery which left me on crutches for 3 months. In addition, recovery was incomplete. The injury to the left knee progressed on the day of injury to a diminishing degree of flexion-only 10-15 degrees. It was difficult to put any weight on it or move it, and it was painful and stiff. Interestingly as with the previous knee injury, there was very little visible swelling.

This time my brother insists me to see his Acupuncturist at Chinese Acupuncture Clinic.

Treatment was 1 needle inserted into my right elbow. Within a few minutes, when I was asked to move my knee for 3 times, it would move 45 degrees. As the needle was manipulated, I moved my knee easily and painlessly. Within 15 minutes, after manipulation of the needle and the knee, the range of motion returned to normal.

After enduring pain for the previous 24 hours, and after my experience with the previous right knee injury, this relief came as a total surprise.

I received a total of 4 treatments over a period of 10 days. I felt pain-free after the initial treatment, and regained complete range of motion. The three follow-up treatments eliminated the residual aches and stiffness.

Now, over a year later, I can definitely say that the knee treated with Dr. Zhaiís acupuncture is faring much better than the one operated on, although both knees were injured while doing the same activity (surfing), and the onset and progression of symptoms were identical.

*Individual results may vary.

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