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Testimonials for Elbow Pain

Elbow with Shooting Pain

Deniel Mean, Pueblo, Colorado

I came to Chinese Acupuncture Clinic for the shooting pain in my right elbow for about three months. The pain had been progressively worsening, and was determined by the doctor, from palpation and resistance testing, to be severe in nature. Two medications were prescribed for the pain. It did not give me much relief. My work involved lifting objects weighing 20 to 30 pounds with either arm. I had tried resting and taken off work, but had experienced no improvement. The shooting pain originating in my elbow, and radiating down my forearm to my hand. I was unable to fully flex, extend or rotate my elbow. I had to hold my elbow close to my body all the time and avoided using it.

By my first acupuncture treatment, one needle was inserted to my right hand, two in my left knee. Within seconds of the needles being inserted, I felt immediate pain relief (100%, I mean the pain was gone!). I returned to work for five days and hadn't noticed much aggravation. After a week, the pain returned slowly for about 50%. The doctor told me, that I should come back for a few more visits to keep the pain not coming back.

I did come back for three additional visits. After each treatment, I noticed significant improvement.

I had not have any problems with my right elbow since. It had been about one and a half year.

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