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Testimonials for Back Pain

The Dentist with Extreme Back Pain

Dr. Kevin Smith Colorado Springs

I had been suffering for many years with various types of borderline subclinical back complaints. After a car accident, my pain in the lower thoracic and upper lumbar regions increased dramatically. As a dentist, after a day of bending over patients, I found my pain would radiate out from my spine, to the side of my body and extend towards the abdomen.

I started to notice relief after the third Acupuncture treatment. My pain dropped from a 7 to a 3 on a o to 10 scale. Every 3 days, I had a treatment as the pain would reassert itself, usually after about 48 hours. After twenty treatments, the condition was stabilized. However, the structural condition does not seem to be self-healing, and the pain frequently reasserts itself. Now, occasional I will have treatments when I experience a flare-up.

I feel I would be unable to continue my dental practice, if it had not been for acupuncture. With the help of Acupuncture, I am hopeful that I will once again be able to participate in sports and remain pain-free.

Waking Up With Spine Pain

Sara K. Colorado Springs

I am an active, busy housewife and mother of two. I awoke one morning with extreme pain in my spine in the lower thoracic region. I had pain in the upper lumbar region also. I was in such pain from this unexpected phenomenon, that I had to craw into the car in pajamas, let my husband drove me to Chinese Acupuncture Clinic. My pain and stiffness was so debilitating, that I could not stand up.

Within a minute, after the needles inserted, I felt immediate relief and was able to get up and walk. I took a nap for 40 minutes with the needles in the clinic, woke up pain free and was able go about my daily activities.

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