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Overactive Bladder for Man, Wimen and Children-Treated without Drugs or Surgery

Testimonials for Overactive or Weak Bladder

What Are the Symptoms of Overactive Bladder or Weak Bladder?

1. Frequent urge to urinate

2. Wetting accident because of unable to control the urge to go and can't get to restroom in time

3. Sudden urge to urinate with little or no warning and it's overwhelming and difficult to ignore

4. Have to use bathroom more than twice per night

5. Feels like have to go to the bathroom all the time during the day

6. Enlarged prostate with all above symptoms

7. Interstitial cystitis with pelvic pain and other discomfort and all above symptoms

What causes these symptoms of Overactive Bladder or Weak Bladder?

1. Surgery-prostate, pelvic, etc.

2. Medication

3. Chronic disease

4. Trauma

5. Obesity

6. Pregnancy and Childbirth

7. Natural aging

How soon will result show with Acupuncture treatment?

Depend on patient's condition, improvement occurs anywhere between 2-12 visits, most people will start to notice improvement from 4-6 visits.

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