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Questions Will Be Discussed and Answered on September 15, 2018

Continue the discusstion about:

  • What should we do in the summer to prepare our bodies for the winter?

  • What is the YIN and YANG? What is the significance of Yin Yang balance to our health? Where and how do we get yang energy? How can we balance our Yin and Yang?

  • What is Sunning? Why is important to expose ourselfs to the sun every day? is it only for Vitamin D production? Is the Vitamin D supplents we take the same as the one we make in our bodies? why?

  • When is the best time to expose to the Sun? Why? For how long? Should we worry about sun burn? brown spots? Wrinkles? Skin cancer?

  • Should I use sun screen? Sunglasses? What if I can't open my eyes out side without sunglasses? And get sun burn easily? why me not other people?

  • "Cover your self as much as possible,when you are inside under artificial lights; expose your body as much as possible when you are outside under the sunshine." why?

  • Organic, Non-GMO, Grass fed, What do they mean to our health? which is important?

  • Why should we eat the food grown directly under the Sun? Not from green houses? Why should we eat local and seasonal?

  • What is Earthing? why is it important for our health? Why live on high floor building for long term is not healthy? Is a cave a healthy place to live?

  • For some thing to eat, should be as fresh as possible, for something to use, should be as old as better, why?

  • How does artificial EMF affect our health?