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Questions Discussed and Answered on August 18, 2018

  • What is alive water? What makes water become alive and stay alive? why is it important? What is Dead water? What is the best water to drink for health? What is the best time to drink water? Why? How much water should we drink per day?
  • How to make homemade bread? Isn't whole wheat bread from store the same?
  • When is the best time to eat fruits? Why?
  • Why do so many people have gluten sensitivity nowadays? How to prevent it?
  • Are Vitamins, Minerals and supplements good? Bad? Necessary? What is the difference between them and Chinese Herbs? How do Chinese Herbs work? Why are Chinese herbs prescribed additional to Acupuncture treatments?
  • What is Feng Shui? Does it really have an impact to us? How should we pay attention to it? What is the difference between Yin Feng Shui and Yang Feng Shui? What all goes into Feng Shui analysis?
  • What is EMF? What are the sources of it? How does it affect us? What should we do with it?
  • What are the things to take out of your bedroom for health? Why?
  • Why opening your windows is not good during sleep? What should we do, if we want fresh air in bed room for sleep?
  • What temperature is good for the bedroom to sleep?
  • What should we do in the summer to prepare our bodies for the winter?